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Hydrotherapy Tub by KOHLER

As a leader in therapeutic spa bath technology, KOHLER takes pride in making every bath a safe, comfortable and spa-like experience. Learn more about our hydrotherapy tub technology and research.

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KOHLER Walk-In Bath with Cintilante Bluette Walls
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Hydrotherapy has been utilized for centuries to treat and relieve pain and provide a relaxing environment that promotes spiritual and physical wellness. It is used as a module of healing in hospitals and medical treatment centers. Today, those same therapeutic bath tools are available to use in your own home.

Let KOHLER turn your bath into a therapeutic home spa.

Kohler’s bathtubs have evolved well beyond a basic soak. Our exclusive technology allows you to turn what was just a bath into time focused on you and your wellbeing. And it’s not just about water any longer. Our industry-leading tech uses bubbles and heat to add another element of therapeutic relaxation that you can experience at home. You will find Kohler’s creative use of tech everywhere from the multifunctional handshower to the fast-drain system. Our industry-leading tech uses bubbles and heat to add another element of therapeutic relaxation that you can experience at home.

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Navigate through each number to see where the therapeutic module targets your body for ultimate relaxation.

You can choose one or more hydrotherapy tub features that use air to massage, soothe, invigorate or relax your body and your mind – all controlled at the touch of button. Add a heated backrest to keep you warm even longer.

Experience Relief & Relaxation With Whirlpool Hydrotherapy

The KOHLER® Walk-In Bath features two hydrotherapy components that function either individually or combined to provide relief for aches and pains, soreness, poor circulation and more.

Delivering powerful, targeted massage, our whirlpool hydrotherapy jets are ideal for unwinding, relaxing and revitalizing. KOHLER whirlpool jets adjust for precise positioning and massage intensity, so you can customize each bathing experience to target stress points along your feet, legs and spine.

Whirlpool hydrotherapy targets the back, legs and feet with powerful massage to alleviate soreness and achy joints. Whirlpool hydrotherapy can also promote better sleep and even lower your blood pressure.

To increase the feel-good effects of the hydrotherapy jets, add a cup or two of Epsom salt to your bath, and feel your muscle tension melt away. You will leave the bathtub feeling refreshed and pampered every time.


BubbleMassage hydrotherapy delivers thousands of champagne-like bubbles that wrap your body in an invigorating, blissful embrace. The effervescent bubbles thoroughly support and massage your body for a weightless, soothing experience.

The strategic placement of the BubbleMassage air jets on the lower perimeter of the bath creates a luxurious bathing experience that stimulates the release of muscle tension and helps center the mind.


Hydromassage At Home

At the KOHLER Waters Spa, one of only 60 five-star spas worldwide, we infuse the same hydromassage technologies and techniques that we use in our products into our spa treatments. Harnessing the healing powers of water, the spa offers a full menu of Hydrotherapy Treatments, including massage, exfoliation and body wraps.


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$1,500 Off+ Low Monthly Payments

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  • Features are Wonderful Therapy

    James  Des Moines, IA Access is easy. Really dressed up the bathroom beautifully. Filling, draining and heating are excellent... The jets and warmth are wonderful therapy.

Learn why the KOHLER® Walk-In Bath has a 96% rating among customers.

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