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This Walk-In Tub Feature Is More Important Than You Think

March 20, 2019  |   2 min read
adjustable whirlpool jets in walk in tub
KOHLER Walk-In Bath with Cintilante Bluette Walls
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With so many walk-in tub options available from so many brands, finding the key differences and selecting the one that best meets your needs can make your head spin. There are seemingly dozens of features to consider—but which ones actually matter?

When you buy a walk-in tub with hydrotherapy features built-in, you experience both safer bathing and therapeutic benefits every time you take a bath.

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is the use of water to alleviate medical conditions and pain. Examples include saunas, steam rooms, pools and foot baths. It has been utilized for centuries to treat and relieve pain and provide a relaxing environment that promotes spiritual and physical wellness.

Now, you can access this special kind of therapy in the privacy and leisure of your own home, as often as you want, in specialty walk-in tubs.

Which hydrotherapy features should I consider?

Number of Jets

Not all hydrotherapy tubs are created equal. Many brands will boast a large number of whirlpool jets, but what many don’t realize is that jet quality, rather than quantity, is what matters. A tub that has dozens of jets may sound like a better choice, when actually it decreases the power and quality of the individual jets, resulting in a lackluster whirlpool experience.

Hydrotherapy jet bubbles.Location of Jets

It seems obvious, but many don’t realize that if the hydrotherapy jets don’t target the right spots on your body, you won’t get much pain relief. Adjustable whirlpool jets that target areas such as the spine, legs and feet deliver targeted massage to the muscles you use most day in and day out. Who wouldn’t want a soothing foot massage every night?

Type of Jets

Just like some people prefer a firm touch during a massage and others prefer a light touch, your jets should offer some pressure variety, too. Consider a walk-in tub that offers more than one type of jet for a more dynamic and relaxing soak. For example, a combination of powerful whirlpool jets and smaller jets that emit thousands of tiny, fizzy bubbles creates a spa-like experience that soothes and invigorates.

Spray Experiences

With a multifunction handshower, you can pamper your scalp and shoulders using your favorite pressure spray setting. A handshower also adds the feel and experience of a shower in a safe, comfortable bathtub.

About Kohler: the leader in hydrotherapy

Since inventing the bathtub in 1883, Kohler Co. has led the industry in bath and shower technology, with advancements in design and engineering that provide a safer, more comfortable living experience in one of the most important areas of the home. As one of the oldest family-owned companies in America, Kohler is the name homeowners know and trust for quality bath and shower products.

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  • A Walk In Tub With a Perfect Depth

    “I was most satisfied that the tub is very spacious inside. My wife has used other tubs in other places, she said that this one is more spacious and easy to operate.” - Huda, Mount Laurel, NJ
  • Easy & Comfortable Virtual Experience

    “I was surprised how easy [the] software presentation made me feel comfortable in being a participant... The information in the PowerPoint-like presentation was so valuable in helping us make a decision to purchase.” - Fred and Susan H., Big Stone Gap, VA
  • Features are Wonderful Therapy

    “Access is easy. Really dressed up the bathroom beautifully. Filling, draining and heating are excellent... The jets and warmth are wonderful therapy.” - James, Des Moines, IA
  • Safe, Comfortable, Well-Designed Walk In Tub

    “The walk in tub entrance is well designed with a low step-in. Door latch/unlatch is easy to use. Air and water jets are well positioned and easy to adjust.” - Michael, Keizer, OR
  • Cost is Worth the Investment

    “My walk-in is awesome. I'm so glad I decided to invest in it. Having MS, it's so much easier to get in and out of.” - Ronald, Lima, OH
  • Firm Price and Exactly What Was Promised

    “The salesperson explained every question we had. We made the decision to purchase the walk in tub. After installation he reinspected it. It was a great experience working with him!” - Kenneth, Saratoga Springs, NY
KOHLER Walk-In Bath with Cintilante Bluette Walls
This Month Only!
$1,500 Off

For a limited time, take $1,500 off the KOHLER® Walk-In Bath. Contact us today to claim your exclusive savings.

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