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The KOHLER® Walk-In Bath is designed to fit within the footprint of your existing tub and has a number features that will help you relax and unwind. The bath can be customized from 52 to 60 inches long, and from 28 to 32 inches wide, which allows it to fit nearly any space. Its ultra-low 3-inch step-in allows for an effortless entry, and is the lowest of any walk-in tub on the market. The interior seat is 17 inches high and offers 21 ½ inches of seating space, ideal for a deep soaking experience. The KOHLER® Walk-In Bath also features the optimal number of jets strategically positioned to target your stress points while maintaining a higher level of water pressure and air jet intensity. And with the use of exclusive technology, the KOHLER® Walk-In Bath features some of the fastest filling and draining times on the market.

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View Walk-In Bath Dimensions

Watch the specifications video for an in-depth look at how the walk-in bath is customized to fit perfectly in bathrooms of any size.

To learn more about the Walk-In Bath experience, explore our 3D Experience video.

  • Walk-In Bath Dimensions

    Walk-In Bath Dimensions

    Exterior Frame: 52" L x 28" W x 39" H (Up To 60" L x 32" W)
    Interior Seat Size: 21½" W x 17" H

    All KOHLER® Walk-In Baths can be customized to fit the size, width and length of your current tub. It will be leveled to fit precisely within your existing bathtub space.

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  • Walk-In Bath Water Depth

    Walk-In Bath Water Depth

    31½" Bathing Depth for Maximum Comfort

    The size of most home water heater tanks are large enough to easily fill the bath with hot water.

    Bathing Comfort Features »
  • Air Jets & Whirlpool Jets

    Air Jets and Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Jets

    10 Hydrotherapy Jets. 17 BubbleMassage Air Jets.

    Our engineers built the KOHLER® Walk-In Bath with hydrotherapy to feature the optimal number of jets that are strategically positioned to maximize comfort, while maintaining a higher level of water pressure and air jet intensity.

    Explore Kohler Hydrotherapy »
  • Ultra-Low Step-In Height

    Ultra-Low Step-In Height

    3" Walk-In Threshold for Effortless Entry

    Three inches is the average step-in height for our walk-in baths—the lowest of any walk-in tub on the market. Note that step-in height may vary slightly depending on your home’s bathroom layout and specifications.

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  • Filling and Draining Time

    Exclusive New Kohler Technology Drains Up To 4X Faster

    KOHLER® Walk-In Baths have been carefully designed to have some of the fastest filling and draining times available . Please note that fill and drain times may vary depending on the water pipe capacity and flow rate of your home’s plumbing system.

    2019 UPDATE: The newly designed drain is now 4X faster than before, allowing for a more comfortable soak from start to finish.

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Customize Your Bath

Customize Your Bath Wall Colors

Invest into a bath that’s designed to match your lifestyle and the look of your home.

Transform your space without any major renovations using our KOHLER® LuxStone Bath Walls, chosen by Kohler design experts. Choose from a variety of patterns, textures and colors to make your new walk-in bath fit with your decor. You can even customize your bath color and the finish of your fixtures.

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Expert Installation by a Kohler Specialist

Replacing your tub has never been so affordable. Our specialists can remove your current tub and install your new KOHLER® Walk-In Bath in as little as one day. You just sit back and relax. Learn more.

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  • Wide Door and Low Entry Allows Accessibility

    James  Pennington, NJ I was most satisfied with the design of the tub. I like the door, it seems to be a little wider. The access is a little bit easier to get in and out. Being the tub is wide, you don't have a little hump that you have to climb over.

Learn why the KOHLER® Walk-In Bath has a 96% rating among customers.

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