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Walk-In Tub Whirlpool & Air Jets

The soothing benefits of hydrotherapy create a spa-like experience. Combining whirlpool jets and BubbleMassage air jets, the KOHLER® Walk-In Bath delivers your most relaxing soak ever.

KOHLER Walk-In Bath with Cintilante Bluette Walls
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Whirlpool Jets

Hydrotherapy is a popular rehabilitation technique used by everyone from injured athletes to patients recovering from surgery to seniors with mobility issues. It is a gentle yet effective way to rid the body of tension and pain in a soothing environment.

While you bathe, indulge in specialty hydrotherapy whirlpool jets that target stress points along the spine, legs and feet. Enjoy the health and wellness benefits of a powerful hydromassage, including pain relief, better sleep and even potentially lower blood pressure with a warm, therapeutic bath at home.

Benefits & Features

  • Hydrotherapy whirlpool jets deliver a powerful massage to the back, legs and feet
  • BubbleMassage air jets surround your body in thousands of tiny, invigorating bubbles
  • Move each jet independently for precise positioning

Air Jets

As you relax in your bath, turn on the BubbleMassage air jets and enjoy as thousands of tiny bubbles give you a sensation of weightlessness. As invigorating as a fizzy beverage, these massaging air tub jets will energize and soothe you.

Positioned along the lower perimeter of the Walk-In Bath, the BubbleMassage air jets release small air bubbles at three levels of intensity for a fully customized experience.

Benefits & Features

  • Releases tiny bubbles that support hydrotherapy jets
  • Variable speed adjusts intensity

What Sets KOHLER's Jets Apart

Since 1992, real users have inspired the Walk-In Bath’s unique design, from jet placement to seat depth. Kohler engineers strategically designed the hydrotherapy jets to target large muscle groups so they could be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of body types. Through a series of user tests with people of various ages, sizes and abilities, Kohler Co.’s Human Experience team continued to perfect the jet positioning to provide maximum comfort and relaxation for every bather.

Today, the Walk-In Bath’s whirlpool and air jets combine to deliver a soothing, full-body hydromassage at home that is similar to the one you would receive from a professional massage.

About Kohler Hydrotherapy

Tub Jets Facts & Information

  1. Having too many jets can weaken the massage experience. KOHLER has created a Walk-In Bath with 10 perfectly engineered whirlpool jets designed for optimal therapeutic pressure.
  2. Individually adjustable jets can be positioned to target pain and soothe sore muscles.
  3. The jets are designed with a quiet motor and pump to ensure your bath remains a quiet oasis and respite.
  4. Relaxation Tip: For an added boost of soothing rejuvenation, add Epsom salt to your bath, turn on the hydrotherapy jets, and enjoy as muscle tension melts away.

Explore More Benefits of Whirlpool and Air Jets

Customer Story

Mary’s Story

“I can relax with the massage jets and the bubble jets… It’s like it’s my cocoon!” Watch her video to learn more about the jets and her favorite comfort features.

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$1,000 Off Your Walk-In Bath

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  • Features are Wonderful Therapy

    James  Des Moines, IA Access is easy. Really dressed up the bathroom beautifully. Filling, draining and heating are excellent... The jets and warmth are wonderful therapy.

Learn why the KOHLER® Walk-In Bath has a 96% rating among customers.

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