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Make Your Bathroom A Safer Space

According to the CDC, more than
of injuries in the bathroom occur while bathing or showering.

We believe bathing should be a therapeutic experience, not a scary one. Use this guide to ensure your bathroom offers the best in safety and comfort.

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Install accessible shelving.

All of your toiletries should be within arm’s reach while you bathe to avoid awkward movement. Adding shelving or a caddy to an accessible area of your bath will prevent unnecessary reaching. The ledge of some Walk-In Baths can also serve as extra shelving, keeping everything you need within reach.

In 2014,
of adults 65 and older reported falling in their home.1
are the leading cause of injury in older Americans.2
Affix grab bars around the toilet.

A low toilet seat can be difficult to lower onto and stand up from, causing slips or accidents. Installing a toilet seat extender or grab bars is an inexpensive fix that provides security and stability.

Slip-proof your floors.

Ensure the surfaces surrounding your bath or shower are dry and have plenty of traction. In your tub or shower, apply non-slip decals or anti-slip tape to make exit and entry more secure. A rubber-backed bath mat can help make the area around your tub or shower
less slippery.

More than
of hip fractures are caused by falls.3
of Americans over 45
who make modifications to their home do so to stay in their home longer.4
Keep your bathroom well-lit day and night.

Install a nightlight in your bathroom so you can easily find your way at night. You can also replace your regular light switch with an illuminated one for additional light.

Safe Water Temperature
Bathe at a safe water temperature.

Continuously test the water while your tub fills, as the temperature can fluctuate. To minimize the risk of scalding, adjust your water heater to deliver water at no hotter than 120 degrees.

Unplug Appliances
Unplug your appliances after use.

Keep all electrical appliances away from water. Take care to turn off and unplug hair styling tools, radios and other appliances with an On/Off switch as soon as you are done using them. Having a separate sitting area to use these tools further prevents mistakes and accidents in the bathroom.

Low Step
Avoid strenuous movement.

Stepping into the bathtub can pose serious risks of slipping and falling, as the average tub height is around 24" tall. With a Walk-In Bath, entering and exiting is safer and more secure, with an entry threshold as low as 3 inches.

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