Looking for a way to unwind before bed? We recommend taking a bath at night for a peaceful, comfortable sleep. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of adding a warm bath to your nighttime routine.

Medical Studies Prove the Benefits

Throughout the years, researchers conducted multiple clinical studies to identify some of the primary benefits of taking a bath at night:

Beneficial For Your Mental Health

Research shows that hot baths have a positive impact on your mental health. The warm water temperatures can help put you in a serene mood, which is great for destressing and self-care.

Soothing Sore Muscles

Similar to going to the sauna after the gym, hot baths are a great way to relieve muscle tension. According to Medical News Today, heat helps increase blood flow in your body which will help your sore muscles feel less tense. Since muscle pain is often a sign of stress, a hot bath before sleeping could help you destress.

Hot Water Changes The Body’s Core Temperature

Our natural body temperature normally stays at around 98 degrees. Research shows that raising your body temperature can increase immune-cell functions and protect you from dangerous microorganisms. Taking a bath at night could be a good strategy for boosting your immune system and fighting off colds.

Bathtub at night with water running from faucet and moonlight shining into window

The Drop In Body Temperature Signals It’s Time for Bed

Our bodies operate on their own temperature clock during the day. According to NPR, our body temperature naturally declines throughout the evening, which informs the body that it’s time for bed. 

Hot baths before sleep drastically increase your body temperature, which creates a significant decrease after the bath ends. Once your body enters cooldown mode, the temperature drop makes you feel sleepy. This is a perfect, natural remedy to help you smoothly transition into a good night’s rest.

Timing Is Important

As we mentioned above, your body needs time to finish the cooldown cycle. For best results, research suggests that if you plan to take a bath at night, you should bathe at least ninety minutes before bedtime. This allows plenty of time for your body temperature to rise and return to normal.

Bathroom towels on bathtub ledge with candles

Planning a nightly routine is a great way to make time for a warm bath. Start your nightly self-care routine with some scented candles or mindfulness while you fill your bath with warm water. A clear mind could be your best way to a night of peaceful sleep.

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