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Real stories from
real customers.

Read how others are enjoying safe, independent bathing in a KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath.

Mary's Story

Chronic pain and limited mobility made bathing burdensome.

After installing her KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath, Mary found relief in the therapeutic jets and worry-free low-entry.

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Patrick's Story

After purchasing a new home, Patrick began planning for the years to come.

Struggling with diabetes and balance issues, one of the first updates he made was replacing his traditional bathtub.

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Susan's Story

A stroke limited Susan's ability to use her traditional bathtub.

Her family searched for a bathing solution that made life easier.

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Bob's Story

Back pain from ruptured discs kept Bob from using his traditional tub.

His new KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath provides full accessibility, plus much-needed relief from aches and pains.

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