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Diane’s Story

Age 72
Retired Factory Inspector

To maintain her independence and mobility at home, Diane wanted a bath that offered a low step-in and therapeutic massage jets. She found all of that and more in her KOHLER® Walk-In Bath.

Diane loved her new home, but she missed her KOHLER Walk-In Bath.

After a long career as an inspector and seamstress at a sewing plant, Diane experienced pain in her back. She also suffered from lymphedema in her leg after a knee replacement surgery, which made it hard for her to step in and out of her traditional bathtub. “Sometimes in the regular shower I was afraid I would fall,” Diane explains.

Walk-In Bath Customer Reviews - Diane

“It was very hard for me to get into a regular tub, to get my leg up high enough to get into it… I could sit down in it, but then I couldn’t get up,” she says. When she was unable to use her tub, Diane would have to take a sponge bath.

After she had knee surgery, she spent time in a nursing facility as she recovered. During that time Diane missed the independence of living by herself in her own home and vowed to stay in her home for as long as possible. She contacted KOHLER to purchase a walk-in bath.

Actually, this was Diane’s second KOHLER Walk-In Bath purchase. Before moving to her new home, Diane had purchased a walk-in bath for a more comfortable and safe bathing experience.

Walk-In Bath Customer Reviews - Diane

In her new residence, she missed using the bath and its therapeutic features, so she decided to purchase another one.

“I got this one from Kohler too because I like the way they do it, they’re very professional,” she explains. “If you have any problems you can call them back, which I didn’t have any problems.”

The local KOHLER Authorized Dealer installed her new bath in just one day, including neatly disposing of her old bathtub and shower fixtures. “It was very well done,” she says. “They caulked around the bathtub and got everything fixed just right. I didn’t have any problem with it.”

Thrilled to have her walk-in bath experience back, Diane says she is no longer afraid of falling. She also loves relaxing with the soothing hydrotherapy features.

If I hadn’t had [the walk-in bath], I would have probably had to go to a nursing home.

“It’s much easier for me and more convenient in every way,” she says. “It’s so relaxing to get in that tub and have the jets shoot on you. It just makes your skin feel so good, helps my leg and my back. I can rest good at night.”

She was also pleased by how quickly the bath filled and drained. “The drainage is pretty quick, more than what I thought it would be; it doesn’t take it long to drain out,” she explains.

Diane is enjoying her newfound sense of security and independence in her home again. “If I hadn’t had [the walk-in bath], I would have probably had to go to a nursing home,” she says.

Now every bath is not only safer but more comfortable and therapeutic as well. “My favorite feature is the jets, they make my back and leg feel better,” she says. “It’s a very good experience for me.”

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