Want to find the best bath towels for your guests or yourself? Cotton bath towels, such as Turkish or Egyptian, are one of the most durable and absorbent types of bath towels that offer the best benefits. Read this blog to learn about the different types of bath towels and which towels are the best choice for you.

Determine The Right Size

To find the best bath towel, think about the size that you need. Bath towels are available in multiple sizes, ranging from small towels for washing your hands to bath sheets that are the size of a robe.


Washcloths are the smallest type of towel and a staple for your bathroom or shower. Investing in a high-quality washcloth is a great idea because it can make or break your shower experience.

Hand Towels

These small towels are primarily for hand washing or decoration. You can usually find them next to the bathroom sink.

Bath Towels

Bath towels are medium to large towels that are essential for drying off after a relaxing bath or shower. The length of bath towels varies depending on the fabric.

Person placing towels in drawer

Bath Sheets

Bath sheets are large bath towels that provide more coverage and warmth. Bath sheets are perfect for planning a spa day or lounging around after a night of self-care.


You might not think of them as bath towels, but bathrobes also fall into the bath towel family. Bathrobes are normally made of similar textures and are a great addition to your bathroom for yourself or your guests.

Person in bed drinking coffee in bathrobe

Decide on Material

Bath towels are typically available in three different materials:


Polyester bath towels are lightweight, thin, and usually the least expensive type of bath towel. Unfortunately, these towels typically do not last as long because they are so thin.


Cotton bath towels are one of the most popular options because of their durability, absorbency, and affordability. Experts recommend cotton bath towels because they provide the primary benefits all-in-one. You can find a variety of cotton bath towels, ranging from standard to high-quality Turkish linens.

Turkish linen towels


Bamboo bath towels are a great option for sustainability because bamboo fibers grow organically. Note that bamboo is actually a rayon fabric, so bamboo fabrics may also feel thin.

Choose The Weight

To find the ideal bath towel weight, think about what makes you feel most comfortable. Some people prefer a heavier type of towel because it helps them relax. Researchers use weight to help treat anxiety, so it makes sense how heavy towels could induce feelings of calmness.

The type of material in your bath towels can directly impact the weight. Cotton bath towels are typically heavier because they contain thicker fabrics. So, choose a towel made with materials that match your preference.

Consider Absorbency

Absorbency refers to how well towels absorb water when you expose them to water. You want to purchase towels that can help you dry off quickly and air-dry even quicker.

Towels on towel rack in bathroom

According to HGTV, you can measure bath towel absorbency in grams per square meter. Towels with a higher GSM absorb water more efficiently. High-quality towels such as Egyptian or Turkish cotton tend to have a higher GSM. Don’t know how to find the GSM? Check the specifications for your towel.

Look for Durability

We use our bath towels every day and wash them multiple times throughout the month. So, it’s normal to see some wear and tear on your bathroom towels over time. However, cotton blends typically are more durable and show fewer signs of wear. So, we recommend that you purchase a high-end cotton towel for the best results. You should replace your bathroom towels after two years.

Create an Aesthetic

Finding new bath towels for your bathroom can also be a fun experience! Get creative and use your bath towels to give your bathroom a new look. Try an accent color for your bath towels or match them with a painting in your bathroom. The possibilities are endless.

Turquoise towel on towel rack