There’s nothing quite like a warm bath after a long day. It feels great and getting a little peace and quiet is always welcome. But there are actually some scientifically-proven health benefits to spending time in your bathtub.

From improving your mental health to soothing some physical ailments, here are a few reasons to soak in your tub tonight.

Woman soaks in KOHLER Walk-In Bath

Reasons to Enjoy a Warm Bath

1. Stress Relief

This is the thing most people think about when visions of warm baths start dancing in their heads. The warm water helps relax tense muscles and solitude can do wonders to ease the mind, but it goes further than that. According to Dr. Bobby Buka, a New York dermatologist, your skin actually releases endorphins when you’re submerged in warm water, similar to the way it releases endorphins when you feel the sun on your skin. Soaking for 20-30 minutes is a great way to feel those stress-relieving benefits.

2. Relieves Aches and Pains

Warm water does more than release endorphins—it also works to relieve achy muscles and joints. Whether you’re recovering from an especially hard workout or you suffer from arthritis, taking warm baths regularly can help soothe pain.

Woman using multifunction shower head in the Kohler Walk-In Bath

3. Improves Circulation

In Japan, hot springs are popular because it is believed spending time in them improves circulation. A 2016 study showed that heat therapy, like warm baths or hot springs, actually does help improve circulation. Improving circulation can reduce blood pressure and contribute to your overall cardiovascular health.

4. Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation, which can be painful and hinder your daily activities, occurs when your immune system triggers a response when there isn’t actually anything it needs to fight. Arthritis, joint stiffness, and even some autoimmune disorders are all sources of inflammation in the body. For those that suffer from chronic low-level inflammation, a warm bath can help reduce it, allowing you more freedom in your everyday life.

5. May Help Improve Sleep

You might think that you sleep better when you take a warm bath before bed simply because it relaxes you. While that’s true, that’s only part of it. There’s a scientific reason warm baths help you sleep better: before bedtime, our bodies tend to cool slightly to get ready for sleep. When you’re in warm water, your body temperature rises a few degrees. When you get out and cool down, it intensifies your body’s natural cooling process, signaling that it’s time to rest. Try taking a warm bath 1-2 hours before bed to get the full effect.

Senior woman happily stepping over the low-threshold of her walk-in tub wearing a bath robe with her hands hold the tub door and the side of the tub.

6. Burns Calories

Small studies have shown that soaking in 100-degree water for an hour burned as many calories as a 30-minute walk. A bath is a calorie burner because your body has to work harder to balance its temperature while you’re submerged in warm water. A soak in the bathtub isn’t a substitute for regular exercise, but who knew it could help you burn extra calories?

7. Soothes Skin

You may think hot baths dry out your skin, and it’s true that bathing in very hot water can be drying. But warm baths combined with a moisturizing body wash can be the perfect antidote to dry skin. Applying lotion immediately after bathing while your skin is still warm will ensure you lock in moisture.

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