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Bob’s Story

Age 62
Service Industry

Ruptured discs and many surgeries prevented Bob from safely using his traditional bathtub, forcing him to use the sink instead. His new KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath provides full accessibility, plus much-needed relief from aches and pains.

After 13 surgeries, including six on his back, Bob was having difficulty entering and exiting his traditional bathtub due to his disability.

Walk-In Bath Customer Reviews - Bob

At 62, he didn’t have the strength to sit and stand safely in the tub, making bathing increasingly dangerous. “I wouldn’t get in and out of the bathtub if my wife wasn’t here,” he says. More and more often, Bob found himself bathing in the sink to avoid using his tub. They decided it was time to explore their options.

He and his wife Debra, 64, looked for a walk-in tub for a number of reasons. They needed more accessibility and additional safety features that prevented slips and falls. They were also hoping to find a more therapeutic bathing option. “I’m just not a good candidate for more surgery, so we’re trying to find different ways [to alleviate pain], and this is one way,” Bob adds. “And we’ll be able to be in our house longer with this.”

That’s when they called Kohler.

Their Kohler consultant, Darren, visited their home and walked through the KOHLER® Walk-In Bath’s features. Then he took measurements to ensure a quick and seamless installation. “He was complete, he was professional and upbeat,” Bob says. “We had actually scheduled some consultations with another company or two, but after we saw the Kohler product and the quality of it, it just seemed like a good fit for us.”

Installation day was a pleasant surprise for Bob and Debra.

Their home, built in 1949, consistently gave contractors and renovators trouble whenever the couple wanted to make updates. That wasn’t the case for their new bath.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had a remodeling project that went quite as smooth as this,” Bob says. He was also impressed with how flexible the installers were in accommodating Debra’s unusual sleep schedule due to her evening work hours.

Now, Bob and Debra have a bathroom that is safer and, to their surprise, more beautiful. Their bathing experience has improved dramatically, too.

I don’t think we’ve ever had a remodeling project that went quite as smooth as this.

“I tend to want to stay in the bath a little bit longer,” he says. “It’s like when you get into the old bathtub, you just get in, get your business done, get out of there. This one is kind of like your ‘Calgon, take me away!’ moment.”

Bob uses the jets, which he says are perfectly aligned to target his aches and pains. “I have problems in my ankles and in my back, and it lines right up with the jets, and it really has helped,” he says. He also enjoys the walk-in bath’s handshower, which lets him bathe both sitting and standing.

Walk-In Bath Customer Reviews

“It does alleviate some of the pain and muscle tension,” he adds. “It’s very beneficial and therapeutic.”

As the couple prepares for the future, they are elated to know that their new KOHLER® Walk-In Bath will keep them in their home longer.

“It’s really been a blessing and it’s going to continue to be,” Bob says. “I figure that it’s going to allow us to stay as a married couple in our home. And that definitely added equity to our home as well.”

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