To maintain a jetted tub, we recommend cleaning the jets twice a month to reduce any trapped air in the jets. You can use a homemade bathtub jet cleaner to deep clean the tub and keep the jets running properly. Explore this blog to learn how and when to clean your jetted tub.

Jetted Tub Noises Are Normal

You can expect to hear some noise when you run the bathtub jets. Since jets run from an engine, you might hear the engine crank when the jets startup. Many jetted tubs, including the KOHLER® Walk-In Bath, complete an automatic water purge about thirty minutes after you turn off the bath. This purge takes approximately one minute. If you think any noise coming from your jets is abnormal, contact your installer or manufacturer.

How Often Should You Clean Your Tub?

For the best results, clean your whirlpool jets at least twice a month. If you use your walk-in bath more than three times per week, we recommend cleaning the whirlpool jets more than twice a month.

To keep your bath jets clean, avoid using any bath bombs, oils, and bubble baths in the tub. These products can cause build-up within the jets that cause them to release black flecks.

What Is The Best Jetted Tub Cleaner?

You can make your own jet tub cleaner with household items! Combine the following ingredients: 

  • Low-foam, powder dish detergent (2 tsp.)
  • Household bleach (20 oz.)

How to Properly Clean Your Jetted Tub

Follow these steps to clean your bathtub jets:

Step 1: Adjust the Jets Clockwise

First, rotate the jets clockwise to remove all air induction. This step helps reverse the jet function so they don’t run while you clean them. 

Step 2: Fill Your Tub with Warm Water

Next, fill your bathtub with warm water until the water is at least two inches above the jets. To get the full cleaning effect, use warm water to work with the cleaning solution.

Step 3: Add The Cleaning Solution

Once the water passes the jets’ height, add the cleaning solution to the water. Let the solution soak for a few minutes. 

Step 4: Run Whirlpool

Run the whirlpool jets like you would when you take a bath. This helps the cleaning solution circulate throughout the tub and clean out the jets. 

adjustable whirlpool jets in walk in tub

Step 5: Stop Whirlpool

We recommend running them for about five to ten minutes, depending on how thorough you want to clean. After at least five minutes pass, stop the whirlpool.  

Step 6: Drain Water

Now, your jets are clean and ready to use. Add this easy procedure to your schedule every week for the best results in your walk-in bath.

Have more questions about cleaning or maintaining your walk-in bath? Visit our blog for resources, self-care tips, and more.