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Is a walk‑in bathtub right for me?

A walk‑in bath has many safety and comfort benefits that traditional tubs simply can’t offer. Explore the differences in design and accessibility and weigh the pros and cons to help decide if a walk‑in bath is right for you.

KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath

Walk-In Bath Comparison
  • Ultra‑low 3” step-in
  • Extra‑wide entry door
  • Multifunction showerhead
  • Comfortable seat
  • Whirlpool jets
  • Bask heated surfaces

Traditional Bath

Traditional Bath Comparison
  • Entry up to 24” high
  • Faucet only
  • Floor seating
  • Minimal grip

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Wide Door and Low Entry Allows Accessibility

    I was most satisfied with the design of the tub. I like the door, it seems to be a little wider. The access is a little bit easier to get in and out. Being the tub is wide, you don't have a little hump that you have to climb over.

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