KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath Customer Reviews

Read how others are enjoying safe, independent bathing in a KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath.

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  • Low Entry Makes Bathing Easy

    My Walk-In is awesome. I'm so glad I decided to invest in it. Having MS, it's so much easier to get in and out of.

  • Bath Features Are Wonderful Therapy

    Access is easy. Really dressed up the bathroom beautifully. Filling, draining and heating are excellent... The jets and warmth are wonderful therapy.

  • A Great Bathtub and Professional Installers

    The installers were very nice guys, very professional and neat and I was very happy with them and the new bathtub is great.

  • Fast Installation With No Complications

    The installation was good, it didn't take long and there were no complications and everything came out great.

  • Walk‑In Bath
  • Pleasant Experience and Worry-Free Installation

    I was satisfied with everything, the installers did so well. We enjoyed and visited with them throughout the process and it was a great experience overall.

  • Perfect Low Step-In for Handicap Access

    My husband, who is handicapped, loves it because he doesn't have to lift his foot too high. He says it is the best thing ever and has stopped a great many falls.

  • Easy Entry Removes Fear of Falling

    Ever since my wife broke her leg last year she hesitated to use the old tub. Now, she feels very safe using the new walk in with all of the features. She has no problem using the new tub. She is not afraid of falling.

  • Comfortable Bathing Experience
  • Quality Guarantee Gives Peace of Mind

    I was most satisfied with the guarantee. Being a single, elderly woman it is nice to know that if something is wrong with this tub, it will be fixed.

  • Low Step-In Makes Bathing Easy

    I was most satisfied with its easy access and lower entry.

  • Professional Installation Complete in One Day

    I was most satisfied with the professionalism and skill that they had. I can't say enough. They were great. They did the job in one day and my wife and I were both very pleased with the installation.

  • Installed by Kohler-Certified Experts
  • Wide Door and Low Entry Allows Accessibility

    I was most satisfied with the design of the tub. I like the door, it seems to be a little wider. The access is a little bit easier to get in and out. Being the tub is wide, you don't have a little hump that you have to climb over.

  • Satisfying Relief for a Bad Back

    I am most satisfied with how the tub makes me relax, due to my bad back.

  • Relaxing Bath With Jets and Heated Surfaces

    I was most satisfied with how comfortable it is once you're in it with the jets on. It also puts out heat and relaxes you.

  • Relaxing Jets
  • Trusted Brand and Comfortable Bath

    I just love my new walk‑in bath. I’m really glad I waited for Kohler to make a walk‑in bath, because of the great name. It is so soothing, comfortable, and more importantly safe. I just absolutely love it!

  • Easy Installation and Professional Demonstration

    The installers got the product installed in one day and took their time to demonstrate the product. I am very satisfied with my new Kohler walk‑in bath.

  • Whirlpool Jets Add Comfort to Safety

    The low step threshold is great. I have no problem getting in and out of the tub. I love the jets. I love sitting in there and letting it go for 15 minutes. I love everything about the Kohler walk‑in bath.

  • Woman in tub relaxing
  • Non-Slip Solution for Safer Bathing

    My wife was always scared when we just had the shower—with two canes, one of them could slip. But with the tub, she just sits in it and relaxes, reads, listens to the radio and has a great time!

  • Handheld Shower Makes Independent Bathing Possible

    It looks wonderful and never gets cold. The handheld shower part has changed so much for me because I was able to take care of myself! Even my friends were so impressed with how it looked when they came over to look at it.

  • Comfort Features Soothe Sore Muscles

    It has helped my feet so much. My salesman was very professional and did a great job.

  • Extra Wide Door
  • Quality Tub Offers Easy Entry and Exit

    The walk‑in tub is AWESOME and so easy to get in and out of. The quality is great!

  • Great Experience From Start to Finish

    The sales person and the installers were great to work with.

  • Non-Slip Floor Provides Safety and Security

    Getting in and out of the tub makes me feel safe with the non-slip floor and all the grips.

  • Attractive Tub With Excellent Safety Features

    The looks of it are better than we thought! The Kohler walk‑in bath makes my mother’s life easier and we are very pleased!

  • Smooth Installation and Relaxing Bath Experience

    I like the tub very much. It is very convenient and very relaxing. The installation went very smooth.