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The 10 Best Plants For Your Bathroom

August 28, 2020  |   4 min read
orchid on bathroom counter

It’s no secret: houseplants are more popular than ever. In addition to elevating your decor, they also help purify the air in your home.

Additional benefits of houseplants:

  • Air purification improves your indoor air quality and may even help alleviate some allergy symptoms.
  • Some studies suggest that indoor plants can have a positive impact on your mental health and may help you feel more energetic.

If you’re looking for new ways to incorporate greenery into your home, consider adding some plants to your bathroom. There are several plants that thrive in the high-humidity, low-light conditions many bathrooms offer. If you’re ready to learn more about plants in the bathroom, here are 10 of the most popular options:

The Best Plants For Bathrooms With Low Light

1. Snake Plant

Don’t let the name scare you away—this is one of the most popular house plants. It’s beautiful and easy to care for, making it a great choice for beginners. Just water when the soil gets dry and fertilize occasionally with all-purpose plant food and your snake plant will thrive.

Why it’s a great bathroom plant: It’s not picky about humidity levels and tolerates low light well.

snake plant

2. Bird’s Nest Fern

If you’re looking to brighten up your bathroom with plants, the bird’s nest fern is the perfect choice. It actually does best in low-light environments with some humidity. It’s also easy to care for: just water regularly to keep the soil moist.

Why it’s a great bathroom plant: Bird’s nest ferns thrive in conditions with low light and humidity. It’s almost as if it was made just for brightening up dim bathrooms!

3. Heartleaf Philodendron

The heartleaf philodendron is one of the best plants for the bathroom because it’s extremely easy to care for. It’s a tropical plant, so it grows best in humid conditions with bright filtered light or indirect light. It’s a trailing plant, meaning it’ll grow into gorgeous vines if properly cared for!

Why it’s a great bathroom plant: While it loves bright indirect light, it can thrive in medium- to low-light conditions. The humidity the bathroom offers is a must for this plant.

heartleaf philodendron

4. Cast-Iron Plant

Just like the cookware of the same name, this plant is extremely hardy. It prefers low light and it does well in all levels of humidity, making it a great choice for bathrooms with small—or no—windows. It is a larger plant and it can grow up to around 3 feet tall, so it’s best for larger bathrooms.

Why it’s a great bathroom plant: It flourishes in low light and all humidity levels.

5. Golden Pothos

Another tropical plant, the golden pothos is a great addition to any bathroom. They have beautiful heart-shaped leaves and grow gorgeous vines and are among the most low-maintenance houseplants. They can even handle a little neglect now and then! Just water when the soil gets dry and/or the leaves start drooping.

Why it’s a great bathroom plant: Golden pothos loves low light conditions and any level of humidity. They’re great for smaller bathrooms that don’t have windows.

golden pothos plant

The Best Plants for Bathrooms With Bright Light

6. Lucky Bamboo

Despite its name and appearance, lucky bamboo isn’t actually bamboo. It’s a type of dracaena, another popular house plant. Even though lucky bamboo isn’t related to famously hardy and fast-growing bamboo, it’s still easy to care for. Just keep the roots wet and put it in bright light, but not direct sunlight, if you can. If you have a window in your bathroom, this is a great choice for the windowsill.

Why it’s a great bathroom plant: While it will grow best in bright light, it still does well in low light. It also instantly makes your bathroom feel more like a spa!

7. Orchid

Few things will make your bathroom feel more like a spa than orchids! They’re extremely easy to care for, making them great for plant pros or novices. Just let them dry out before watering, fertilize every few weeks, and make sure they get plenty of light.

Why it’s a great bathroom plant: Aside from the spa vibes they’ll add to your bathroom, orchids love humid conditions and bright light, making them perfect for your bathroom window.

orchid on bathroom counter

8. Air Plant

This unique plant doesn’t require any soil, making it a clean, low-maintenance house plant. To water them, you simply soak them in tap water every 1-2 weeks for 5-10 minutes. Let it dry on a towel for a few hours and place it back in its container.

Why it’s a great bathroom plant: Aside from being low-maintenance, air plants thrive on humidity and bright, indirect light. They’re perfect for placing near bathroom windows.

9. Aloe

Known for its soothing properties and easy care, aloe is one of the best plants for the bathroom! Aloe does need plenty of bright light, so it will do best in a sunny area like a windowsill. Keeping it in your bathroom allows you easy access to its skin-soothing benefits: just cut a piece off, squeeze out the gel, and apply it to sunburns and other minor burns to help healing.

Why it’s a great bathroom plant: It’s extremely low-maintenance: it just needs bright light and water every few weeks to thrive. It also provides an abundance of skin-soothing properties.

aloe plant in windowsill

10. Monstera

This plant has surged in popularity over the past few years, probably due to its beautiful and distinctive leaves. Monsteras are easy to care for, just water weekly and fertilize occasionally. Keep them out of bright, direct light and it’ll flourish. Keep in mind that these plants can get large, so they’re best suited for bigger bathrooms.

Why it’s a great bathroom plant: Monsteras love humidity and like medium to bright indirect light.

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