The benefits of choosing Kohler.

The KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath is designed with features that keep you safe and comfortable before, during and after your bath. Heated surfaces, nonslip flooring, hydrotherapy jets and additional accessibility features are just a few of its many benefits.

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Your Walk‑In Bath Experience

The bath should be a quiet and peaceful respite from the chaos of your day. Compare Kohler’s state-of-the-art design and engineering to your traditional bathtub, and discover the utmost safety and comfort without sacrificing luxury.

At the end of the day, you want to feel relaxed and at ease in the comfort of your home. The accessible KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath offers the highest quality bathing experience, from safety and comfort features to elegant hardware fixtures, all designed with you in mind.

  • Walk‑In Bath Dimensions

    Before your bath

    The walk‑in bath’s entry is accessible, simple and safe with a low, 3-inch threshold and nonslip flooring. The wide door opens inward, an added benefit that allows for easy open and close from inside the tub. Handrails and an easy-grip rim provide extra accessibility that make seating secure.

    As you wait for the tub to fill, lean back and relax while the Bask heated surfaces warm and loosen your back, shoulder and neck muscles. Discover the luxury of ergonomic controls that help you adjust the temperature at the touch of a button. The extra-wide seat is up to 30% deeper compared to other bathtubs in the market, so you can sit and soak comfortably.

    Walk‑In Bath Dimensions

  • bathing experience
    bathing experience

    During your bath

    Your bath would not be complete without the hydrotherapy whirlpool jets, which target stress points along your back, legs and feet. BubbleMassage air jets reinvigorate the body and add a luxurious spa-like feel to your home bathing experience. The multifunctional handshower has three spray settings for exceptional comfort and reach. Control all of these features to your preferred intensity and temperature with ease.

  • Fast Drain Time

    After your bath

    The KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath features the fastest draining time in the industry, so you can dry off and exit the bath with little waiting. From start to finish, your KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath experience is one of convenience, safety and peace of mind.

    Fast Drain Time