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Free KOHLER® Nightlight toilet seat with quote.*

For a limited time, after your custom quote, you will receive a free toilet seat with a built-in nightlight and quiet-close feature. Ask your local dealer for more information.

Free Nightlight toilet seat with quote.*

As our gift to you, you will receive a certificate for a free KOHLER® Nightlight toilet seat after your custom quote. The seat casts a soft blue light for better visibility at night.

Other features include:

  • Two unique brightness levels
  • Elongated or round-front shape
  • Innovative Quiet-Close technology
  • Grip-Tight bumpers to prevent sliding
  • Battery-operated with dual LED lighting
  • Quick-Release hinges for easy cleaning
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Down Payment & Financing Options For Your Bath

Why wait to enjoy your new walk‑in bath? With financing and special offers, remodeling your bathroom with a walk‑in tub has never been more affordable. Enjoy safer bathing in your walk‑in bath, and reimagine the look of your space with KOHLER® LuxStone Bath Walls, accessories and more that enhance your experience. Ask your Kohler specialist about financing during your consultation, along with bath wall design ideas and remodeling options.

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$ Financing Details

Installed in One Day by a Kohler Specialist

Replacing your tub has never been so affordable. Our specialists can remove your current tub and install your new KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath in as little as one day. You just sit back and relax.

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  • Clean Installation for Helpful Bathtub

    , Potomac, MD It meets our personal needs better than any others. The installation crew was super, clean, neat, and prompt. They were just great.

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