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Kohler: Excellence in plumbing since 1873.

Kohler has led the industry in bathing technology since 1873, with every advancement leading to the best in form, function and style. That’s what you can expect when you purchase a KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath.

Baths Engineered with Over 140 Years of Expertise

Kohler’s designers and engineers have worked for more than 140 years to perfect the bathing experience, with everything from contemporary showers to tubs with the latest in hydrotherapy. The KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath is the result of over a century of engineering advancements and exclusive Kohler technology, blending the best in safety, comfort and affordability.

Designed in the USA

Every KOHLER® Belay Walk‑In Bath is proudly designed and assembled right here in the USA, at our state-of-the-art facility in Kohler, Wisconsin. We ensure every bath meets our high standards and confidently offer the best walk-in bath on the market.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

We stand behind the integrity of each and every one of our accessible walk‑in baths. Your new KOHLER® Belay Walk‑In Bath is covered by our lifetime limited warranty—the same support we've offered for all products over the 144-year life of our company.

KOHLER History Overview

Our History How It All Began

Our company’s founder, John Michael Kohler, was an Austrian immigrant, a businessman and a visionary. In 1873, he purchased a foundry in Wisconsin that produced a variety of cast-iron and steel products. Ten years later, Kohler took a product in his line, heated it to 1700°F and sprinkled it with enamel powder. He called it “a horse trough/hog scalder” that “when furnished with four legs, will serve as a bathtub.” Kohler had entered the plumbing business.

Our company has grown from those humble beginnings into a global family of brands leading the way in creating a sense of gracious living in our customers’ lives. Through our growth, we continue to uphold that same commitment to quality instilled in our origins. That’s what you can expect from Kohler.

The History of KOHLER

Installed in One Day by a Kohler Specialist

Replacing your tub has never been so affordable. Our specialists can remove your current tub and install your new KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath in as little as one day. You just sit back and relax.

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  • Great Experience and Exceptional Warranty

    We like the lifetime warranty and that gives us a peace of mind. I think the warranty was a really big factor in us saying yes. There's an overall joy in sitting in it and using it.

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