Cleaning and caring for your walk‑in bath.

Cleaning your walk‑in bath is similar to cleaning any other bathtub or shower. With a few quick and easy steps, you can keep the tub base, showerhead and hardware of your walk‑in bath looking like new. See our recommended tips below.

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Cleaning Your Bathtub Surface

Caring for the interior and exterior of your walk‑in bath's tub base.

Spray bottle

As with all Kohler bathtubs, always use a non-abrasive disinfectant cleaner to clean the tub’s interior.

Cleaning surface of walk-in bath

Wipe the tub clean using a soft cloth or squeegee. Do not use abrasive sponges or wire brushes.

Avoid aerosols

Avoid using aerosols or other abrasive products, which can erode your walk in tub’s finish over time.

Cleaning Faucet Hardware

Caring for the faucet, showerhead or hardware of your walk‑in bath.

Spray bottle

Apply Windex or other antibacterial cleaner created for cleaning glass.

Avoid bleach

Avoid using bleach or gritty cleaners that contain bleach.

Cleaning faucet of walk-in bath

Rinse away cleaning fluid and dry with a soft cloth.

Since there are variations within the hardness and temperature of your water and the mixture of cleaning materials, Kohler cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the formulas mentioned. Clean your tub and hardware with care.