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A Low 3" Safe Step In

Kohler designed the walk‑in bath with industry leading safety features such as a low 3" safe step in, handrails and extra wide door. Remodel your bathroom or just replace your tub and stay in the home you love for years to come.

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  • Ultra‑Low Step‑In

    1 Ultra‑Low Step‑In

    Effortlessly enter and exit your bath with our ultra‑low 3" step‑in threshold—the lowest of all step‑in tubs on the market. Embrace your independence and feel secure each time you bathe.

  • Easy‑to‑Grip Handrails

    2 Easy‑to‑Grip Handrails

    Ease in and out of your walk‑in bath with the help of our handrails. For your safety, our handrails are positioned on the interior and exterior of the tub, these handrails also allow for a firm grip as you transition from a standing to seated position.

  • Extra‑Wide Entry Door

    3 Extra‑Wide Entry Door

    Our extra‑wide door is at least 20% wider than other step in tubs, and opens all the way in to give you more mobility. Once you close the door, our easy-to-turn handle safely secures an airtight seal.

  • Easy-to-Reach Controls

    4 Easy-to-Reach Controls

    Adjust your Bask heated surfaces, BubbleMassage air jets and hydrotherapy whirlpool jets while safely seated in the tub. Our ergonomic control panel is easily accessible from any position in the bath.

  • Multifunctional Showerhead

    5 Multifunctional Showerhead

    Like all Kohler tubs and baths, our walk‑in bath features the best faucets and hand shower in the industry—all bearing the trusted Kohler name. Always within reach, the ergonomic spray head pivots to target hard-to-reach areas. Enjoy the relaxation of a bath with convenience of a shower.

  • Non-Slip Surfaces

    6 Non-Slip Surfaces

    The seat of the tub features side grooves that allow water to flow away from the seat and prevent unwanted pooling. The non-slip tub floor prevents slips and falls.

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  • Perfect Step-In for Handicap Access

    My husband, who is handicapped, loves it because he doesn't have to lift his foot too high. He says it is the best thing ever and has stopped a great many falls.

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