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  • Hydrotherapy Jets and BubbleMassage™ Air Jets

    1Hydrotherapy & Air Jets

    Delivering powerful massage, our hydrotherapy jets target your back, legs and feet. Our unique BubbleMassage air jets surround your body in thousands of tiny, invigorating bubbles.

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  • Bask™ Heated Surfaces

    2 Bask Heated Surfaces

    Recline against our Bask heated back, neck and shoulder surfaces for ultimate relaxation. Turn the heat on, choose from three temperature settings and wrap yourself in warmth as you bathe.

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  • Extra Wide Seat

    3 Extra‑Wide Seat

    Bathe at a perfectly reclined angle in our extra‑wide seat. Up to 30% deeper than other tub seats on the market, you can lounge at the perfect soaking depth. Grooves on either side prevent pooling.

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  • Fast-Drain Technology

    4 Fast-Drain Technology

    Our Kohler Fast-Drain technology offers one of the fastest tub drain times available for a more enjoyable experience from start to finish. A conveniently located lever activates the drain with ease.

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  • Multifunctional Handshower

    5 Multifunctional Handshower

    Use our specialized handshower for a shower experience that complements the bath. Three spray options, including a wide spray, a massage spray and a gentle aerated spray, cleanse hard-to-reach areas.

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  • LuxStone Bath Walls

    6 LuxStone Bath Walls

    Add elegant design to safe bathing for a blissful experience. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns for a look that suits your style. Engineered stone materials makes the walls extra durable.

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  • Happy to Have Bath With Hydrotherapy Jets

    Sheboygan Falls, WI Am just plain happy that I can take a bath again, and LOVE the whirlpool/jet massage therapy. For the first time in some time I can have a nice soak in a tub again. Being a "bath person", I never felt like my feet got a good scrubbing in a shower, or felt relaxed like I did in a tub. And I can read again now when I soak!

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