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  • Hydrotherapy Jets and BubbleMassage™ Air Jets

    1Hydrotherapy & Air Jets

    Delivering powerful massage, our hydrotherapy jets target your back, legs and feet. Our unique BubbleMassage air jets surround your body in thousands of tiny, invigorating bubbles.

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  • Bask® Heated Surfaces

    2 Bask® Heated Surfaces

    Recline against our Bask® heated back, neck and shoulder surfaces for ultimate relaxation. Turn the heat on, choose from three temperature settings and wrap yourself in warmth as you bathe.

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  • Extra Wide Seat

    3 Extra‑Wide Seat

    Bathe at a perfectly reclined angle in our extra‑wide seat. Up to 30% deeper than other tub sizes on the market, you can lounge at the perfect soaking depth. Grooves on either side prevent pooling.

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  • Fast-Drain Technology

    4 Fast-Drain Technology

    Our Kohler Fast-Drain technology offers one of the fastest tub drain times available for a more enjoyable experience from start to finish. A conveniently located lever activates the drain with ease.

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  • Multifunctional Handshower

    5 Multifunctional Handshower

    Use our specialized handshower for a shower experience that complements the bath. Three spray options, including a wide spray, a massage spray and a gentle aerated spray, cleanse hard-to-reach areas.

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  • LuxStone Bath Walls

    6 LuxStone Bath Walls

    Add elegant design to safe bathing for a blissful experience. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns for a look that suits your style. Engineered stone materials make the walls extra durable.

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  • Happy to Have Bath With Hydrotherapy Jets

    Noel  Sheboygan Falls, WI Am just plain happy that I can take a bath again, and LOVE the whirlpool/jet massage therapy. For the first time in some time I can have a nice soak in a tub again. Being a "bath person", I never felt like my feet got a good scrubbing in a shower, or felt relaxed like I did in a tub. And I can read again now when I soak!

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