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What Are the Dimensions of a Walk-In Bath? Will a Walk-In Bath Fit in My Home?

Most traditional bathtubs are 60" in length and 30" to 32" wide. The KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath can be customized to fit the size, width and length of your current tub. Additionally, the KOHLER Walk‑In Bath features a 31-½" bathing depth, hydrotherapy jets, ultra-low step-in height and fast fill and drain times. Learn more about KOHLER Walk‑In Bath dimensions and specifications.

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The KOHLER Walk-In Bath is designed to fit within the footprint of your existing tub and has a number of features that will help you relax and unwind.

The bath can be customized from 52 to 60 inches long, and from 28 to 32 inches wide, which allows it to fit nearly any space.

Its ultra-low 3-inch step-in allows for an effortless entry and is the lowest of any walk-in tub on the market.

The interior seat is 17 inches high and offers 21½ inches of seating space, ideal for a deep soaking experience.

The KOHLER Walk-In Bath also features the optimal number of jets strategically positioned to target your stress points while maintaining a higher level of water pressure and air-jet intensity. And with the use of exclusive technology, the KOHLER Walk‑In Bath features some of the fastest filling and draining times on the market.

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