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What are the Dimensions of a Walk-In Bath? Will a Walk-In Bath Fit in My Home?


Most traditional bathtubs are 60" in length and 30" to 32" wide. The KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath can be customized to fit the size, width and length of your current tub. Additionally, the KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath features a 31-½" bathing depth, hydrotherapy jets, ultra-low step-in height and fast fill and drain times. Learn more about KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath dimensions and specifications. Read More.

Imagine—now you can enjoy a bathing experience that combines safety, luxurious comfort and elegance. A bath that gives you the freedom to remain in your home longer. Your new walk-in bath, manufactured exclusively by Kohler, offers you an unparalleled bathing experience. It’s designed to be conveniently and affordably installed in the space of your existing bathtub without the need for a full remodel. Introducing—the KOHLER® Walk-In Bath.

Effortlessly enter and exit your bath with complete confidence through an extra-wide door and ultra-low step-in. Our beautifully designed and easy-to-grip handrails offer you added stability as you ease into your bath.

Kohler has your ease of use in mind, with this smartly positioned faucet. A multifunctional showerhead with three spray settings makes it easy to bathe and rinse yourself thoroughly while comfortably seated.

Soothe your sore muscles and unwind with powerful hydrotherapy targeted at stress points along your legs, feet and spine. To ensure you have a thoroughly pleasant bathing experience, the back, neck and shoulder surfaces are heated to warm your body before, during and after your bath.

For a walk-in bath that assures you of the safety and comfort you require, and peace of mind you truly deserve, look to Kohler.

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