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KOHLER® LuxStone Shower

With a low entry threshold and sleek accessories, the KOHLER® LuxStone Shower is another safe and beautiful solution for those with mobility challenges. A variety of customizable features and add-ons allow you to make this shower experience all your own.

Safety Features

Ultra-Low 3” Entry

Safe entry begins with a low, nonslip base.

Ultra‑Low 3” Entry

A three inch-high shower base allows you to step in with ease while keeping water inside the shower. Textured surfaces also keep you secure once inside. Choose from a variety of sizes and drain orientations.

Secure Shower Seat

Comfortably sit or stand in your shower with ease.

Secure Shower Seat

The unique height of this shower seat elevates to an ideal shower position for maximum water pressure and minimal heat loss. Its one-piece construction is designed for water drainage and easy cleaning.

Shower Barr

A barre is an excellent design idea, and offers added stability.

Shower Barre

Our shower barre provides stability as you enter and exit the shower space. Its sleek design offers support for mobility assistance and everyday use. Add the clip-on teak shelf for additional storage space.

Design Options

Your KOHLER® LuxStone Shower can be completely customized to your needs and lifestyle.

Each package includes:

  • Shower base
  • KOHLER® LuxStone Shower Walls
  • Fixtures
  • Shelving
  • Accessories


KOHLER® LuxStone™ Walls were designed to be durable, low-maintenance and, most of all, beautiful. With a modern matte finish and a variety of patterns and colors, you can easily express your style and personality through your bathroom design. Accent panels let you further customize your space and enhance a feature wall.

White Shower Wall Swatch


Clean and crisp, White is a perfect fit for any style. This neutral works in traditional or contemporary settings, and allows for total freedom in decorating.

Biscuit Shower Wall Swatch


Biscuit is a classic, creamy shade with just a hint of yellow. This very soft color is at home with contemporary as well as traditional and country settings.

Ice Grey Shower Wall Swatch

Ice Grey

Ice Grey is a cool color that works well with many bold accent tones and materials. It is a soft shade of grey that acts as a neutral alternative to white.

Crosscut Dune Shower Wall Swatch

CrossCut Dune

Inspired by the sprawling veins of marble, the mosaic-like design of Crosscut adds a luxurious look to your shower walls.

VeinCut Sandbar Shower Wall Swatch

VeinCut Sandbar

This darker version of VeinCut Sandbar adds naturally-inspired texture and dimension to your walls for timeless elegance.

VeinCut Dune Shower Wall Swatch

VeinCut Dune

Based on the unique and intricate patterns of real stone, VeinCut Dune features smooth parallel lines and a light sandy hue to give this design an organic feel.

White Brick Shower Wall Swatch

White Brick

The modern industrial look of White Brick adds subtle texture to your shower space while maintaining a clean, bright look.

VeinCut Dune And White Shower Wall Swatch

VeinCut Dune & White

Keeping things simple with a dash of pattern, VeinCut Dune and White is bright and inviting, creating an open, airy feel in the bathroom.

VeinCut Dune And Biscuit Shower Wall Swatch

VeinCut Dune & Biscuit

Muted tones and organic lines are center stage in this package. The perfect backdrop for colorful accents, this soothing arrangement suits all styles.

VeinCut Sandbar And White Shower Wall Swatch

VeinCut Sandbar & White

Crisp and clean white walls bookend the center VeinCut Sandbar feature wall for a pop of texture and color.

VeinCut Sandbar And Biscuit Shower Wall Swatch

VeinCut Sandbar & Biscuit

This modern combination features a bold statement wall with warm, cream-colored sides. Striking without overwhelming, this look is timeless.

VeinCut Sandbar And Sandbar Shower Wall Swatch

VeinCut Sandbar & Sandbar

Medium-tone neutrals offer a contemporary look and a feeling of serenity. Accent with oil-rubbed bronze fixtures for a clean finish.

One-Day Installation

No need to worry about extensive renovation projects. The KOHLER® LuxStone Shower is designed to be installed in as little as one day by our Kohler‑certified specialists, and comes with a protected warranty. That way, you can enjoy your new shower as soon as possible.

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Bath or Shower: Which is Right for Me?

Bath vs. Shower Decision

Choosing between a new walk-in bath or shower for your home depends greatly on your needs and accessibility challenges. While both offer the safety benefit of a low step‑in for easy entry, the comfort and aesthetic advantages vary.

The KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath allows you to bathe in a comfortably seated position while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy whirlpool jets. It also allows you to recline as you bathe. However, those who feel comfortable standing for a longer period of time may find that the KOHLER® LuxStone Shower, which provides a more traditional shower experience, better meets their needs. Learn more about KOHLER® LuxStone Shower Systems.

Contact your Kohler specialist to discuss your bathing needs and options, and to help make a decision today.

Financing Options Available

Our affordable financing options allow you to install your KOHLER® LuxStone Shower when you need it. Contact your Kohler specialist to learn about our low monthly payment options and to see if you qualify.